Eilish Gormley is a painter and crafter residing in Portland, Oregon. 


Pronouns: she/they

Social media: Instagram

Name is pronounced "AE-lish"

Artist Statement

I feel dissatisfied in the way that humans are able to interact. It is limited, it is awkward, it is rigid. Words, while seemingly endless in definition, shape, and form, only go so far. One can only imagine a face they’ve seen, and Human can only experience what they believe as truth.   


Human experience exists beyond the realm of what Human can understand. There is Collective Energy shared among people. In what they feel, in what they perceive. It is unbridled, unruly, and fighting its way to the surface. It exists in the lowest depth of our forms. It is practically unrecognizable beneath the layers that accompany existing. 


I want my work to feel alive. I want the Collective Energy to softly radiate from the work I put forward. Rather than a blinding force, I seek a subtle feeling; warmth that comes off of skin. I want to make work that feels like a knowing glance. I want a viewer feel seen, heard, and understood in ways that they are not quite able to articulate. It is a longing need for connection. It is loneliness and company.  


I fear what revels at the core. I enjoy the layers of existing, as it is a buffer from understanding an objective truth. Distractions, joy in little things, the comfort of the mundane. Feeling connections through, what the spiritually inclined might see, frivolous. Subcultures and their styles, hobbies, activities. Uniforms that one assigns to themselves. Uniforms that one rejects. The ways in which one person may impact another. These layers are made up of the Everyday that makes each life and each existence unique. Existence is nuanced. Human is the intersection of Collective Energy and the Everyday. 


As a whole, my work does not have a single overarching message. A painting may have a strong, intentional, premeditated message. A painting might mean very little, finding a voice as it materialized. I feel influence from institutional art. From street art. From outsider art. I want to bridge different realms of the art world. I often acknowledge what is considered a Proper Way of creating art (art history context, social context, art movements, formal training, professional presentation), yet find it restricting, exclusive, and unattainable. With the use of unconventional yet accessible materials(such as sealant foam, marker, house paint), the rejection of academic language, and relatable themes and aesthetics, I intend to make work that resonates with anyone willing to spend time with it. 


I would describe my work as cerebral and intuitive. Stylistically, I find influence from early to mid century European painters. Women/feminine presenting people have always been a very prominent object in art, despite their roles as artists being comparatively limited. My main subject is women, though I do not fully view myself as a woman. However, it is the vessel that I have lived in, and the experience I have lived is based on others’ outside perceptions of myself as a woman. Therefore, my art may also be perceived as women. I view them as merely representations of Human, projecting from my own life.

Select CV / Publication

Solo Exhibition

Salem Art Association

Salem, Oregon

Pending dates:

 July 27th - September 30th, 2021

Juror for Undergrad Art Show

Willamette University

Salem, Oregon

 April 21st 2021

The Collaborative Body

Coordinator / Participating artist

Group mural project

Salem, Oregon

September - December 2020

Ernie & Gray

Gallery Representation

Salem, Oregon

May 2020

Percent for Art Program

Oregon Arts Commission

Purchase of Burrow and They 

State Library, Salem, Oregon

Winter 2020


Group Exhibition

Gray Lab, Salem Oregon

January 17th, 2020

Existential Dread: But Make it Fashion

Solo Show

Loft Gallery 

Lunaria Gallery, Silverton Oregon

September, 2019

Cuatro Plantas Presents: Friends & Family

Clothing / Paintings

The Gray Lab, Salem Oregon

July 27th, 2019

Paintings featured alongside Zine Show

Bush Barn Annex

Salem Art Association, Salem Oregon

June 6th - July 10th, 2019

Prism: Art and Literary Magazine

Featured artwork

Oregon State University, Corvallis Oregon

Winter edition, 2019

Featured video interview

Clay Ball Gala, Salem Oregon

February 23rd, 2019

She Flies with her Own Wings 

Juried group exhibition

curated by Laura Mack

A.N. Bush Gallery

Salem Art Association, Salem Oregon

January 19th - February 23rd, 2019

Prism: Art and Literary Magazine

Featured artwork

Oregon State University, Corvallis Oregon

Autumn edition, 2018

Get Cultured

Solo art show + live music event

Ike Box Cafe, Salem Oregon

Showcase: April 1st - May 1st, 2018

Event: April 4th, 2018

Artist in Residence

Salem Art Association, Salem Oregon

January, 2018

Selected Emerging Artist

68th Annual Art Fair and Festival

Bush Park, Salem Oregon

July 21st - 23rd, 2017

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